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Description of Services

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Wellness Assessments

Wellness Assessments are offered as a stand alone or in conjunction with coaching services.  Wellness Assessments help you and Dominique identify your current holistic health and wellness strengths as well as areas in which you could benefit from growth. Through intentionally bringing focus to areas in your life where you are languishing, we can choose to activate your power to impact that area in an effort to optimize your ability to flourish. The areas of your life that make up your whole being, and overall health, impact one another.  Growth in one area, will equate in growth in all areas.  You will find that areas of strength become even stronger as you optimize your health in other areas.

Dominique utilizes the Emory Health Compass : Eight Points to Good Health and Happiness, as a foundation for her Wellness Assessments. The eight areas, in addition to spirituality, that will be explored are, mindful awareness, food, physical activity and relaxation, meaningful work, relationships, environment, conventional care, and complimentary care.

Wellness Assessment (1.5 hours)

Wellness Assessment (60 min) **

*Wellness Assessments are offered as a stand alone for those who are interested in exploring their overall wellness yet currently uninterested in partnering in coaching.

**A 60 minute Wellness Assessment is included in the 8-week initial client package.

Individual Health and Wellness Coaching

With individual coaching, you will have one to one coaching sessions focused solely on clarifying your specific personal goals and implementing unique strategies to meet those goals. You may choose to focus on one area of the holistic health compass or set multiple goals in various areas.  The focus and pace of the coaching sessions are based completely on your individual needs.

Individual coaching sessions are offered as part of the 8-week initial client package.  Once you have completed the initial client package, you may purchase additional individual coaching sessions as you continue to work toward your goals, or in support of maintaining your new holistic lifestyle practices.


8-week Initial Client Health Coaching package


Wellness Assessment (60 minutes)

Once weekly (30 minute) Health Coaching Sessions

Once a week email check-ins (provided between 30 min health coaching sessions)

Group Health Coaching

Group coaching is offered in small groups of 3-8 members.  Group coaching incorporates a structured didactic period focused on one of the Emory Health Compass: Eight Points to Good Health and Happiness, and peer and coach support around each members actions toward individual health goals. 

Group coaching allows for learning and support from others who too value health and wellness and are making efforts to optimize their overall well-being.

Current group offerings:

High School to College: The Essential Session is a mental health and wellness talk for high school seniors/recent high school graduates, with Dominique Harmon, LCSW, RYT 200, R-HYI. This online 2-hr small group (6-8 students) lecture and discussion was designed help prepare graduating high school seniors, transitioning to college, for optimal mental health and wellness, as they prepare to manage the demands of college-level academics and campus life. Topics covered include, a general overview of mental health and illness, alcohol and substance abuse, healthy stress management and self-care, and holistic self-care practices to support mental, physical, and spiritual growth and wellness. The seminar will include experiential exercises. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably. Dates: Monday, July 15th 10:00a-12:00p; *Wednesday, July 17th 10:00a-12:00p; and Friday, July 19th 1:00p-3:000p. All registration times are based on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Cost $85 (early bird registration prior to July 1st is discounted to $75). Registration can be made via Eventbrite, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/high-school-to-college-the-essential-session-tickets-63534751151. *Please note that the Wednesday, July 17th session is a Christ-centered lecture and discussion that incorporates scripture and Christ-centered self-care practices.

Holistic Health and Wellness Group for High School Girls with Dominique Harmon, LCSW, RYT 200, R-HYI, 2019 2-week Summer Intensive Session. Dates: June10th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 19th, and 21st, 10:00am-12:00pm.

Please visit Dominique’s Instagram page for group offering updates and links for registration. @alifelivedonpurpose


Personal Health and Wellness Walk, Talk, and Stretch

Capitalizing on the benefits of nature and cardiovascular activity, this service is offered as an option to walk outdoors as you  discuss your health and wellness goals. Each session ends with a gentle stretch and brief meditation. 

*Please note that a degree of confidentiality cannot be guaranteed given this service is held in public spaces.

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Yoga and Meditation

Private yoga instruction is available for those who desire individualized yoga and meditation guidance.  This is a great fit for people just starting a yoga practice, those seeking trauma informed yoga instruction, athletes, and others with specific yoga and meditation instruction desires.

Dominique teaches Christ-centered (all levels) yoga and meditation classes. You can register for classes by visiting Dominique’s Instagram page, @alifelivedonpurpose.

Please follow Dominique on Instagram, for information on additional pop-up class dates and times. You can also book Dominique for small group or special event Christ-centered yoga and meditation classes, such as for a bible study group or conference.

Dominique teaches trauma informed yoga through a local agency that supports girls and women who have been victims of sex trafficking.