Dominique Harmon is a licensed clinical social worker and yoga instructor.  She is passionate about holistic health.  In her over 15 years of clinical work with persons with anxiety, depression and other mental health symptoms, she discovered that many of her clients have unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep hygiene, and struggle to fit in regular physical activity and relaxation.  Some also struggle with medical care compliance, are in occupations that lack meaning and purpose for them, and are not engaged in fulfilling supportive relationships.  Despite her client’s efforts to improve their mental health, poor habits in other areas of their life, served to sabotage their efforts and or further negatively impact their mental health.


While working at the Emory University Student Counseling Center, Dominique became increasingly interested in integrating holistic health practices to support her clients’ mental health outcomes. During that time she worked closely with a colleague who’d recently developed the counseling center’s Stress Clinic. The Stress Clinic practices are influenced by positive psychology and focus on teaching overwhelmed and anxious students relaxation strategies such as mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, time management and prioritization skills, and foundational pieces such as the importance of obtaining adequate sleep for optimal stress management abilities.  In an effort to expand these skills and to better partner with her clients in their effort to reach optimal health and wellness, Dominique pursued training in health coaching through Emory University’s Continuing Education Health Coach Program, completed two yoga teacher trainings, and a meditation mentorship. 

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In her practice of integrating health coaching strategies, Dominique partners with clients to help them reach self-identified goals related to self-care and purpose.  Health coaching and yoga sessions with Dominique are not intended to replace your current psychotherapy and or psychotropic medication treatment, but instead to compliment it.  The aim is to optimize your mental health treatment outcome by identifying and engaging in healthier, more effective lifestyle practices. 

Dominique maintains a referral list of health coaching specialists, sleep specialists, psychotherapists, physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga and meditation instructors, massage therapists, studios and gyms.  She will help you identify the right team of professionals and services, within your budget, to help you meet your personal goals.



Master of Social Work, Clark Atlanta University: 2001

Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University-Bloomington: 1998

Post-Graduate Advanced Training

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Thread Yoga: 2017

95 Hr Holy Yoga Teacher Training, Holy Yoga: 2018

Health Coach Certificate Program, Emory University Continuing Education: 2015 

MSW Post-Graduate Fellow, Yale University School of Medicine Child Study Center: 2001-03

Fellow, (Bush) The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy: 2001-2003

Continuing Education

Meditation Mentorship with Meryl Arnett at Sacred Chill West: 2017

Meditation Immersion with Meryl Arnett at Sacred Chill West: 2017

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Immersion with Holle Black at Integrative Yoga Studies: 2018